FAQs – Employer Partners

FAQs - Employer Partners

Q.Why Cyber Job Central?

Cyber Job Central is a trusted community filled with cyber professionals, the very community you need to fill your open roles. If you have open roles to fill, why not target the community with the right professionals?

Not everyone can post on our site, only our partners can post open opportunities.

Lastly, Cyber Job central is run by experienced Fortune 100 executives with backgrounds in digital security and risk, governance, risk and compliance, staffing and recruiting, and Defense contracting and leadership. We bring that experience to help you find the talent you need.

Q.How many openings can partners post?

As a partner, you can post as many cyber openings as you want.

Q.What do you mean by partners?

Once you sign up to be a partner, our team goes through an extensive on-boarding process. We want our members to understand why they would want to work in your company. Cyber Job Central has the expertise to help you craft the right position description that clearly defines role requirements and expectations.

Each partner will have their own page so we can highlight all your sizzle.

We work with candidates to help them understand the role, ensure that there is a mutual fit, and present you with a short list of our members that we know will be a great fit.

Q.How many members are there in your community?

CJC is an active community, new members are joining daily. Please keep in mind that not all our members are actively looking. Part of finding the best talent is to have people want to work for you. So, you also, should be a member of the site. Sell yourself and your organization, make your team stand out and candidates will come to you.

Q.Can I only look at resumes?

You can look at profiles and search profiles. You can reach out to members and see if they would ever be interested in a role within your organization.

Q.Can we post blind company ads?

If you need to post a blind add, we ask that you reach out to the CJC team and we will post on your behalf.

Q.Can you geo-target?

Sure can!

FAQs – Members

Q.How much does it cost to join Cyber Job Central’s online community?

It’s free. There is absolutely no cost to become a member of our community. We do limit membership to members of the Cyber Security Industry exclusively.

Q.Why join Cyber Job Central?

Cyber Job Central is the only online community exclusively designed and devoted to the needs of Cyber Security Professionals. We form alliances with employers of Cyber Security professionals to make new jobs visible to our community immediately and we have the ability to link the skillset of our community members with the required skillset of advertised positions. We also provide a forum to notify our community of events of interest. We also provide an online library of original content by highly respected members of the professional Cyber Security Community.

Q.How do I update my profile information if my career information changes?

Updating your profile is a simple process. In the top right section of the header bar is a picture of you (if you shared a profile picture) or an Icon with the first letter of your name. Left click that picture and select my profile from the drop down. You will then be directed to your profile display where you can update or change any of the items in your current profile.

Q.Can I control which, if any, eMails I receive from Cyber Job Central?

Yes. Just like updating your profile information you can left click your picture or icon at the top right of the page. Select “My Settings”. Here you will be directed to a page which allows you to select exactly which eMail notifications you would like to receive from Cyber Job Central. If you would like to opt out of eMail traffic from Cyber Job Central, you can do that here also.

Q.Who are Cyber Job Central’s featured Employers?

Our featured employers are companies who have elected to partner with Cyber Job Central to communicate their company’s information to members of the Cyber Security Community and to directly advertise their career opportunities to members of our community.

Q.Can I upload a resume to my Member Profile or change an existing Resume in my Member Profile?

If you do not upload a resume during your initial account activation you can easily upload or change your resume at any time. Simply left click your Member Icon at the time right section of the title bar and select ‘My Profile’. Select ‘Edit’ from the top right corner of the screen and then select ‘Upload resume’ in the filter bar. At this time you can select if you want your resume visible to All members or the community, Admin only or only to your favorite members.